Our Mission

Iteration Studio, LLC is an innovative, energetic company that was created to provide imaging, rendering, and 3D model building services for commercial, residential, and hobby platforms.

Our Team

We are a two-man, lean and green company focused on working with an Agile mindset and workflow to keep cost low. Our team has a passion for making an idea, reality. Our fascination with computer-assisted art, coupled with our attention to detail results in a product we love to share with our clients. Though we have been creating 3D visulization renderings since 2008 we didn't become an official company until 2017. What started as a hobby gradually evolved into freelance work and from there turned into a registered LLC. We love what we do and are excited about our continued growth.

Shawn Creviston

Shawn has a passion for 3D Modeling and Architectural design, using it daily on both professional and personal projects. On top of those foundational interest, he also has a passion for self-sustaining, eco-friendly buildings. The combination of these two motivators enable Shawn to create detailed drawings that accurately represent our clients visions.

Luke Hafstad

Luke enjoys building ideas from the ground up. While his talents are not directly related to creating photorealistic renderings, his desire to build the Iteration Studio business and foster the relationships with each of our clients is what fuels his passion. Customer service is his top priority, stopping at nothing to make the clients vision a reality.

Our Process

The iterative process we follow can be grouped into three categories:

1. Define project requirements
2. Build photorealistic renderings
3. Review with client

The review phase provides feedback that is essential to making updates to the renderings, and allows us to provide our clients with the perfect images. This process has been refined to be both fast and easy for our clients.